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What is Nano-Technology

Nano Technology

What is Nano Silver?
Nano-Tehcnology is a new science making its way into all areas of life; it is used to turn normal items into microscopic sizes and finding exciting new uses for them. Silver has long been known to kill bacteria and fungi; by suing nanotechnology with silver, tiny Nano Silver particles 1/20 the size of skin pores are produced.

Silver Colloid Properties
It is a neutral aqueous solution, a structure of silver particles under 10nm combined with Si02 of 10~20nm or edible gelatin, which disperses in water stably.

Technical Characteristics
  • Nano particle size under 1~10nm
  • Balanced function and performance with stable dispersion
  • Application of high purity removes problematic materials

  • Characteristics of Silver Colloid as an Anti-Bacterial Agent
    1. Environment-friendly and non-toxic.
    2. Safe for the body.
    3. Multi-functional--it works as an anti-bacterial, disinfectant, anti-fungal, deodorant, and for infrared radiation.
    4. Excellent functional durability.
    5. No bacterial resistance.
    6. Widespread anti-bacterial spectrum.
    7. Excellent cleansing effect with nano particle penetration.
    8. Differentiation of applied area.
    (Previous liquid organic compounds were harmful to the body. High-density inorganic compounds are rare.)

    USA Hair Care Beauty Tips

    Pureology repair then add prueology powerdressing and root lifter will add fullness to limp hair. Blow dry and style with the pureology shine spray wet and dry. finish with the pureology hairspray.

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