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I confess to switching to another supplier when I found their prices to be initially lower on the Devacurl line. They have since raised raised their prices and their service has now become a 2-week turnaround (and I'…




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Scruples Enforce Extra Firm Sculpting Glaze 8.5oz

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Scruples Enforce Extra Firm Sculpting Glaze 8.5oz

Product Information

Scruples Enforce Extra Firm Sculpting Glaze 8.5oz

molding and sculpting

    • Adds body, lift, and extra firm hold to hair
    • Withstands moisture, humidity, and wind
    • Use to shape, mold, and form hair
    • Use as a setting lotion for lasting style

Enforce Glaze

To Use: Apply glaze and evenly distribute throughout towel dried hair. Mold and form hair as desired; blow dry, scrunch, or allow to dry naturally for a wet look finish.

Manufacturer: Scruples

Size: 8.5oz

(Based on 1 Reviews)

Price: $13.00 $9.75

Product Code: scruples-enforce-extra-firm-sculpting-glaze-8oz

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