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Great prices and customer service
I ordered Pureology nanoworks shampoo. The price can't be beat. Although there was a problem with shipping (was UPS not USA Hair Care), when I contacted customer service they were prompt and professional in correct…




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What is Nano-Technology

Nano Technology

What is Nano Silver?
Nano-Tehcnology is a new science making its way into all areas of life; it is used to turn normal items into microscopic sizes and finding exciting new uses for them. Silver has long been known to kill bacteria and fungi; by suing nanotechnology with silver, tiny Nano Silver particles 1/20 the size of skin pores are produced.

Silver Colloid Properties
It is a neutral aqueous solution, a structure of silver particles under 10nm combined with Si02 of 10~20nm or edible gelatin, which disperses in water stably.

Technical Characteristics
  • Nano particle size under 1~10nm
  • Balanced function and performance with stable dispersion
  • Application of high purity removes problematic materials

  • Characteristics of Silver Colloid as an Anti-Bacterial Agent
    1. Environment-friendly and non-toxic.
    2. Safe for the body.
    3. Multi-functional--it works as an anti-bacterial, disinfectant, anti-fungal, deodorant, and for infrared radiation.
    4. Excellent functional durability.
    5. No bacterial resistance.
    6. Widespread anti-bacterial spectrum.
    7. Excellent cleansing effect with nano particle penetration.
    8. Differentiation of applied area.
    (Previous liquid organic compounds were harmful to the body. High-density inorganic compounds are rare.)

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